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To differentiate our crypto ATM from those crypto ATMs in the market, we have continuous to develop and enhance our ATM solutions and features which aim to provide more user friendly, effective and efficient crypto buy/sell experience for our ATM users.


Recently, we have integrated our ATM solutions with LAB Pay Limited, channel partner of Binance Pay in the region to provide new features for users with Binance Pay or Binance Pay account.


At NCX ATM network, Binance Pay users can purchase different crypto currencies with fiat currency and have the corresponding crypto currency deposit to their Binance Pay account.  Also, Binance Pay user can also withdraw fiat currency with zero wating time via NCX ATM using the crypto asset they held in Binance Pay account.




Our ATMs are all located in the secured environments and operate 7 x24 which enable us to perfect our client experience.

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